What We Do

International and Multi-Jurisdictional Tax Planning Services

We Provide Tax Planning Services for Individuals, Corporations, and Businesses Worldwide.

What We Do at International Tax Consultants

At International Tax Consultants, we provide multi-jurisdictional and international tax planning and analysis for individuals, businesses, and corporations. We’re the only company of its kind that’s dedicated to the issues surrounding taxation for US companies and individuals. We also help foreign businesses and individuals doing business in the United States.

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Comprehensive Tax Planning Services

Our international tax accounts will provide you with tax analysis and planning services depending on your needs. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Providing tax counsel to professional offshore service providers
  • Assisting clients with their tax return and compliance document preparations
  • Recommendations for potential offshore strategies and transactions
  • Advisement on the use of offshore structures with estate planning
  • Developing strategies to reduce tax exposure on transactions

While International Tax Consultants provide many tax planning services for our clients, there are a few things we don’t do. They include:

  • We don’t sell offshore entities or structures
  • We don’t set up bank accounts or create bank relationships
  • We don’t arrange or procure the transfer of assets or funds to offshore locations
  • We don’t advise on “questionable entities”
  • We don’t engage in tax evasion
  • We don’t advise on domestic structures or transactions

How Our Process Works

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