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Simply put, literally all transactions between a U.S person (or entity) and a foreign person (or entity) normally results in at least one, or more, tax events


What We Do

International & multi-jurisdictional tax planning and analysis for businesses, corporations, individuals and other entities.


Client Benefits

What are the major benefits to the clients? Independent and unbiased advice on the consequences of offshore transactions, structures, investments and issues for non-residents

About Us

We’re dedicated to helping US and non-US clients needing international tax planning and analysis services. Contact an international tax accountant today.

International Tax Services

Welcome to International Tax Consultants, LLC, an international tax planning and analysis firm. We provide counsel for clients on matters involving international tax issues and their impact on U.S. or offshore transactions. Our clientele includes:

  • Businesses
  • Individuals
  • Offshore service providers
  • Other entities such as travel agents, government employees, and retired persons

Our experienced international tax CPAs will guide you through the process of international taxation. Your best ally is an advocate that understands your issues and concerns.

Get in touch with an international tax attorney now. We’re prepared to represent your best interests. Deal with issues about offshore structures, transactions, or investments of any kind.

Tax Resolution

Hoping that Internal Revenue goes away never works. Whether you haven’t filed prior tax returns, ignored correspondence, or are dealing with any number of tax issues, Internal Revenue won’t forget.

Place a call to International Tax Consultants, LLC – our team of international tax advisors includes attorneys with former Internal Revenue and Department of Justice experience. We stand ready to help relieve you of all your tax issues.

Tax Preparation

For some, tax season is the most intimidating time of the year. Whether you’re in the US or in need of international services, there’s no need to fear Internal Revenue.

At International Tax Consultants, LLC, we guarantee a quick preparation time for your tax return. We prepare tax returns with a promise of satisfaction and accuracy. You’ll have complete access to an international tax attorney with extensive tax preparation experience. All our attorneys handle complex tax returns at domestic and international levels.

We Specialize In International Taxation

International Tax Consultants, LLC is the only company and website of its kind dedicated to resolving issues of international taxation. Many U.S. tax advisors excel in navigating their clients through the jungle of domestic tax rules and regulations. Yet, they sometimes fail in advising or considering the ramifications of international tax rules and their possible effect on a transaction.

At International Tax Consultants, we fill that knowledge gap. Our tax attorneys specialize in international taxation. We provide independent tax advice needed and sought by businesses, entities, and individuals. We also provide advice for offshore service providers for their offshore transactions. We place special emphasis on the analysis and application of international tax rules as it pertains to U.S. citizens and other non-U.S. nationals.

We’re Here To Help, Globally

International Tax Consultants, LLC is a leading global tax advisory and planning firm. We serve US and non-US citizens.

Contact us today. Receive a free, no-obligation consultation on tax questions and quotes for service.

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