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We offer international tax preparation services to US and non-US clients searching for international and multi-jurisdictional tax preparation.

Prepare Your Taxes Across The World

At International Tax Consultants LLC, we prepare tax returns and other compliance documents for US and non-US persons. We also offer pre-planning recommendations for potential offshore transactions and strategies.

Our skilled international tax accountants are ready to help answer your questions. We guarantee quality service and accuracy in preparing your tax return.

Get ahead of the curve and get your tax return sorted out before any issues arise.

US Tax Preparation

Our tax preparation services are among the best globally. We provide quick responses to any questions and concerns and guarantee a quick preparation time for your tax return. All our tax preparation services come with a promise of precision – if we commit an error resulting in penalties imposed, we’ll cover them. Better, if you’re dissatisfied, we’ll refund 100% of any fees paid.

International Tax Preparation

The tax accountants at International Tax Consultants, LLC specialize in international tax services. We can help you wherever in the world you are. Whether you’re a US citizen living outside of the US, a non-US owner of US real estate, or seeking tax preparation for income derived from US business operations, we have the experience to help you.

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Hear from our clients around the world about how the attorneys at International Tax Consulting, LLC prepares you to handle tax issues of any kind.

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ITC, LLC has extensive tax preparation experience at domestic and international levels. Contact us today. Get a free, no-obligation consultation about your tax preparation questions.