What We Do


  • International & multi-jurisdictional tax planning and analysis for businesses, corporations, individuals and other entities.
  • Provide tax counsel to professional offshore service providers to assist their U.S. clientele
    Preparation of tax returns and other compliance documents (corporate, trust, partnership and individual) from our offshore office locations
  • Pre-planning recommendations for potential offshore transactions and strategies.
    Render independent second opinions on offshore planning structures, offshore transactions and asset transfers
  • Advise on the use of offshore structures in conjunction with estate planning
  • Advise nonresident foreign companies and individuals with their potential U.S. transactions and businesses strategies
  • Consult with client’s existing domestic U.S. tax advisors to provide “team approach” to resolve international and domestic tax issues
  • Analyze and devise strategic methods to minimize or, if possible, avoid unnecessary tax exposure on transactions or planning structures through proper pre-planning
  • Recommendations provided to our preferred list of offshore service providers for client acquisition of corporations, trusts, foundations, annuities, etc. for their planning structures
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  • International Tax Consultants LLC does not sell offshore structures or entities

ITC will provide referrals to its network of reputable offshore service companies for clients to obtain the entities necessary to construct an offshore plan. (Please look at our LINKS page for our list). Subsequently, ITC will provide the analysis and recommendations as to how the plan should be implemented as well as provide an analysis of the international tax consequences of the structure.

  • International Tax Consultants LLC does not set up bank accounts nor establish bank relationships

This should be done by the service provider of the client’s choosing – however, great caution should be exercised since many offshore banks will not establish direct banking relationships with U.S. individuals. It should also be noted here that since that fateful day of September 11, 2001, banking in both the U.S. and especially outside of the U.S. has changed drastically and permanently. Opening a bank or brokerage account no longer is an easy process. Look for more on this in our Articles page.

  • International Tax Consultants LLC neither arranges nor procures the transfer of funds or assets from U.S. persons to offshore locations

Again, this should be arranged by the service provider in harmony with the client’s attorney, banker or financial planner.

  • International Tax Consultants LLC will not advise on “questionable entities”

Entities such as Pure or Constitutional trusts, tiered trusts, unincorporated business associations or other type structures primarily designed for the promotion of tax protestor positions or tax evasion purposes.

  • International Tax Consultants LLC will not advise on purely domestic structures or transactions

There are literally thousands of good domestic tax advisors (attorneys, CPA’s, CFP’s, registered investment advisors, etc.) throughout the U.S. If one is not aware of such an advisor, please refer to our links page for recommendations to excellent professionals. ITC’s scope is deliberately narrow to facilitate its clients with the specialization and expertise necessary to provide a comprehensive and thorough analysis of the international tax impacts of any transaction or plan.

  • International Tax Consultants LLC does not engage in nor act as a party to any tax evasion scheme

The thrust of ITC’s mission and philosophy is tax reduction through compliance. ITC will not assist in the furthering of tax protestor arguments nor will it provide recommendations or analysis on “black hole” transactions, strategies directed at compliance avoidance, tax evasion theories, so-called “constitutional” arguments or illegal transactions.