Our Services


U.S. Companies or Individuals presently with:
  • Offshore business operations
  • Offshore Income from any sources
  • Offshore Brokerage or Investment Accounts
  • Sales or other transactions with offshore persons and/or entities
  • Acquisition or ownership of foreign real estate
U.S. Companies and Individuals seeking advice on:
  • Future or contemplated offshore transactions
  • Transferal of assets out of the U.S.
  • Transfer pricing issues
  • Foreign ownership of U.S. real estate
  • Tax treaty issues with foreign jurisdictions
  • Use of export tax incentives to minimize global taxes
  • International Strategies involving:
    • Stock Options
    • Retirement Plans
    • Insurance and Annuities
    • Deferred Compensation Plans
    • Repatriation of offshore funds and assets
    • Multi-jurisdictional estate planning
Non-U.S. based Offshore Service Providers desiring assistance with:
  • advice and consultation for their U.S. clients on transactions, structures, etc.
  • start-up planning for foreign investments in the U.S.
  • foreign ownership and disposition of U.S. real estate
Foreign Companies and Investors conducting business activities in the U.S.
U.S. Grantors, Trustees and Beneficiaries of Foreign Trusts
U.S. citizens living offshore