Simply put, literally all transactions between a U.S person (or entity) and a foreign person (or entity) normally results in at least one, or more, tax events


What We Do

International & multi-jurisdictional tax planning and analysis for businesses, corporations, individuals and other entities.


Client Benefits

What are the major benefits to the clients? Independent and unbiased advice on the consequences of offshore transactions, structures, investments and issues for non-residents

About Us

Welcome to International Tax Consultants, LLC website. From our offices in the U.S. and The Bahamas, we advise and consult with businesses, individuals, offshore service providers and other entities on matters involving international tax issues and its impact on our client’s U.S. or offshore transactions and structures. Our site contains much information related to issues of international taxation – please feel free to browse, learn and enjoy.

Our company (and our website) is the only one of its type dedicated solely to the issues of international taxation for U.S. companies and persons, foreign businesses and individuals doing business in the U.S. and those involved in or considering the implementation of an offshore structure (e.g., International Business Corporation [IBC], trusts, foundations, foreign partnerships, annuities, etc.) and the myriad of international tax issues associated with the establishment and use of such structures.

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